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SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT. NLR shall accommodate Site visits from Monday to Friday. Cut-off time for site visit requests is at 3:00 PM, with the visitors arriving at the North Gate by 4:00PM. All Site visits shall be concluded by 5:00 PM. The Site shall be closed to visitors during weekends and holidays. Site visits shall be called off at any time if weather conditions at the windfarm compromise the safety of NLR personnel, contractors, and visitors.

PROVIDE YOUR INFORMATION. All visitors must accomplish the Visitor Information Sheet (“VIS”). The VIS should be accomplished by the visitors and submitted to NLR 24 hours before the date of the site visit, or immediately upon arrival. Visitors must provide the following information to NLR prior to the visit:
• Number and names of all members of the visiting party (e.g., contact person and contact number, company affiliation, address and purpose of visit);
• Plate number and model of vehicle/s to be used by the visiting party; and
• Expected time of arrival at site.

SAFETY REMINDERS. All visitors are expected to follow NLR rules upon entry at site, and are requested to come in closed shoes during the visit. Upon arrival at Site, visitors shall undergo a safety and security briefing. NLR requires the use of personal protective equipment (“PPEs”) while visitors are on-Site.